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Days Don’t Die
Laura Barton

I’ve heard others
comment about the dying day,
but I disagree.
How can it be dying,
when I still feel its warmth
touching the grass where I lay
and touching my entire being?
Eventually night will wrap me in its
cool shadow
but I fear not the dark
or its creatures.

My cautious steps have brought me this far.
To this place where I know
Where I stand
wondering if anyone will come along
and in kindness pause long enough.
Yet, I am not sad
because I believe
that one day I will meet someone
who will once again show me
that I am capable of
It is just that the journey is long
but what journey that has
isn’t long?

Tales of old don’t speak
of one day adventures
where the hero has instant success;
it’s all a process.
It’s those who can withstand the process
that are the true heroes,
however, I don’t believe
that my story will be one heroic
or for ages to come.
Few will know my name or tell my tale.
But I’m not here to be known.
My goal isn’t to become an icon
spoken about until time unwraps itself to begin again.

I’m only here to keep leaving my tracks
until that someone finds me
and answers my call.
Whoever he or she may be,
I have to believe he or she might be out there
and will one day stumble across my path.
Maybe this someone is on a journey, too,
looking for that one being to re-teach
in the ways of trust.

So for now I will rest
in the warmth of the non-dying day
and pick up my path again tomorrow,
treading on with cautious steps
until I can again
Goes with: [link]

[Edit] Just edited it a little.[/Edit]

I didn't intend to write anything to go with that drawing at just kind of happened. Shinjite's voice came into my head and then I had to write it down for her. I can clearly hear her saying it, even how.

If it comes across as sad, then I think of done a poor job. When I hear it in my head, it's hopeful in a way.

While I do hear it as Shinjite saying it, I wanted to keep it ambiguous. What I mean is, I didn't want it so that you could attach it only to an animal (thus why I use steps, rather than paw steps and my entire being rather than fur). I hope I was able to achieve that.


Critiques are welcome, but just keep in mind that poetry isn't my forte. It's just a [sometimes] enjoyable way for me to get things out of my head.

I was considering recording this as well and posting it on youtube. Maybe. Thoughts?

Wrote this this morning.


Copyright to Laura Barton.
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lovemercyfree Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010
I really like it. :) It's very hopeful. I couldn't stop reading it. I enjoy iy alot.
lunastar Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010  Professional Writer
Thanks so much. ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Mirrasae Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2009  Professional Writer
I think you succeeded both in making it hopeful, and ambiguous. It really is beautiful, and I think it can apply personally to a lot of people. It's beautiful.
lunastar Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2009  Professional Writer
Thank you, I really appreciate it. ^^
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